Bruce A. Canal, CPP

Security Professional & Entrepreneur


Bruce A. Canal, CPP

Born in Terre Haute, IN, I grew up as the youngest of four siblings. I participated in Roman Catholic Church, sports, enjoyed family and learned to serve others through two great parents, Gaston and Mary Jo Canal.  

Early Life

By the age of 15, I had determined my calling was to become an Indiana State Police officer and much to the chagrin of my mother, I pursued this endeavor.  In fact, my father encouraged the vocation by introducing me to a few of his law enforcement friends and particularly fueling the fire by escorting me to the local state police post for an introduction and tour.  My fate was sealed after the visit.

During my senior year of high school and throughout the first few years of college I was a reporter for the Terre Haute Tribune-Star newspaper.  My appreciation for the state police developed and my writing skills improved -- an art proving to come in handy throughout my life.  It also forced my typing skills to improve; today I type about 50 wpm.  My appreciation for the First Amendment was honed as well.

Police Career

At age 22, and before receiving my bachelors degree, I joined the Indiana State Police.  Soon after my rookie year, I rekindled my thirst for education and started back to school while balancing a career and family with children.  I may not have done things is the right order, but no one can say I lack discipline and perserverance.  

Education and Professional Growth

I completed my Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice from Indiana University and thought, why not add a masters degree.  Therefore, I pursued a Masters degree in Business Administration at Indiana Wesleyan University and graduated with honors.  The business degree introduced a psychological itch too hard to satisfy and I began looking for new career endeavors.

Believing all along there is life after the Indiana State Police, I was positioning myself for a new career.  Security Management seemed the likely career path with my experience, education and my yearning for the business environment.  It took very little time to learn, law enforcement is not security and vice-versa.  Again, back for more education and I pursued the board certification of Certified Protection Professional through the American Society for Industrial Security.  I received board certification in 1997. I have been certified ever since 1997.

The most important lesson learned throughout my life was the importance of pushing the envelope and not being afraid to take risks. Actually, taking risks was never difficult for me because I am a man of faith, believing each time a window is closed, God opens a door. 

Security Professional

Today, I am a respected security professional; I have been published, invited to speak and I am a professional with solid solutions for security issues plaguing our society.  I enjoy meeting other professionals and following the latest trends. I enjoy attending conferences and symposiums, as well as adding more books to my reading list. Although I am highly sought after, I am always open to new projects. No job is too big or too small. Call me today at 317-447-9980.  

My Passion in Life

My lifelong passion has been to protect our fragile environment from the adverse effects of global warming.  Three years ago I was trained by former Vice President Al Gore and appointed as one of 3,100 instructors worldwide to teach "An Inconvenient Truth." After two intensive training sessions taught by Gore and other scientists from around the world, I now teach groups about climate change and what we can do to reduce our carbon footprint.

In my spare time I enjoy my children, grandchildren, playing golf, motorcycling, bicycling and frequent exercise.  Family is very important to me. 

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