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Security Professional & Entrepreneur

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  • Climate Change Awareness Instructor 
  • Trained by Vice President Al Gore
  • Solar as a Renewable Energy Source
  • Wind as a Renewable Source 
  • Analysis & Assessment
  • School Security
  • News Media Relations

Climate Change is the single largest and looming issue facing mankind today.  The planet's temperature is rising and it is adversely affected every aspect of life.  We can not sustain this pattern and survive.  What is most alarming, if man continues this path of self-destruction, it will have a deadly impact on our great-grandchildren during their adult lives.  

There are four clear facts that are indisputable: 1) Since the mid 1950s the planet's temperature is steadily rising, which causes changes in our climate; 2) human intervention is the cause of this rising temperature, not the sun or the planet's climate trends and; 3) if we do not act to slow and stop this rising temperature, it will lead to the extinction of man, and in less time that we might imagine.

Therefore, I have dedicated by life to combating this global warming and more importantly, educating humans about the need for action and urgency to take up the task of moving to renewable, clean and sustainable energy sources.  To eliminate the use of oil as a fuel and, actually reduce the use of other less carbon emitting fuel sources over time.

In fact, over the next few years, my personal project will be to become more active in "The Climate Realty Project" and save the planet for my great-grandchildren, Braelyn and Olivia.  Given the scenario today, their adult life will be filled with one natural disaster after another.  Droughts that may force water to become a precious and expensive commodity while reducing our shorelines with rising oceans and the loss of jobs, incomes and wealth.

After reading this last paragraph, you might think there is no chance.  Nothing could be further from the truth: if we act now.  Science clearly shows us the path of destruction, but it also clearly shows us the path of repair.  It will take personal sacrifice and a change in our lives.

More to come!
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