Bruce A. Canal, CPP

Security Professional & Entrepreneur


Below are just a few of my successes over the past few years.  I believe achievement is a good indicator of how well a person can perform in the future, and my achievements illustrate a diverse set of successes from a variety of endeavors.

I am a person that is not afraid of a challenge; I strive for excellence and have an uncanny ability of achieving goals through people.  I am a proven leader.

I was named Global Director of Security Operations for STANLEY Security Solutions, January 2018.  
Working for the two most progressive thinking men I have ever known in this capacity, my role is to direct security operations for a nearly 10,000 employee company with world-wide operations as part of the Stanley Black & Decker family.  I am the first of its kind for this position and it has proved to be most rewarding and positive changes come around every day.  

I established Social Net Watcher, a SaaS product to monitor social media for statements valuable to protecting people and assets (2011). When scores of children are injured or killed during school activities, Social Net Watcher (SoNet) was created to save their lives.  I determined security technology is not enough.  Despite the fact the latest technology is proficient, it does little to save lives.  SoNet incorporates social net working to facilitate a secure / safe school place. 

I directed global physical security at Cummins, Inc. (2013).  As part of a global security team, I selected consultants, chose integrators and counseled Cummins staff on "all things" physical security around the world. 

I created Security Solutions Group to assist companies in making decisions about their security needs (2011). Five security professionals have come together to provide the most professional group of experienced experts.  Each of the five experts come from different fields in the security industry. Together SSG has become the best consulting firm of this decade. 

I was chosen and trained by Harvard University and the Center for Disease Control during the Meta-Leadership Summit for Emergency Preparedness (2011). As one of only 400 selected security professionals in central United States, I was chosen to attend a two-day session taught by academics and military alike.  Our group was trained to be the new leaders in the security industry, with a new style that empowers the leaders and executives to lead outside the of the silo.  Phenomenal training and the subsequent session was equally good. 

I directed a national security integration project for a national health insurance provider, WellPoint (2010).   Directed technology integration staff and Information Technolgy staff to solve technology issues and implement both IT software / hardware for national security integration project.  Drove staff to resolve issues and reduced time between introduction of software / hardware to implementation. Secured strong team interactivity and cooperation, which enabled the project to begin earlier than scheduled.

I established a cohesive security management process at Redcats USA to improve efficiency by 17% and cut costs (2007). When seven separate security business units in four states were operating autonomously, I bundled all locations into a single, unified management process. Secured strong team interactivity and cooperation. Developed best practice, problem solving and a sounding board system that included performance rewards. Boosted productivity; reduced absenteeism.

Built business continuity and preparedness plan for Redcats USA, protecting $500M in assets. (2007) 
Company had not established an asset and risk reduction process for multi-billion dollar business. Designed risk response plan that eliminated natural disaster vulnerabilities. Secured legal department approval. Implemented plan with stringent timelines. Plan protected 95% of revenue stream.

I developed a national account program at Matrix Systems to build better customer relations and capitalize on new opportunities with existing customers (2009).  New business with existing customers was stagnant (nearly non-existent) and opportunities were lost, until I developed a national account management program to target new business with existing customers.  This program developed project managers into account managers and increased sales.   

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